“William Parker, Hamid Drake, Black Top sound like Master Musicians of Joujouka at an illegal rave c. 92  amazing!”

“King Tubby Meets Free Jazzers Uptown: inspired gig”  Hamid Drake, William Parker, Cleveland Watkiss, Phillip Achile



black Top with Evan Parker at Cafe Oto..ack Top 24 with Evan Parker at Cafe Oto (18th November)


Black Top with Evan Parker 18th nov 2015
Anticipation levels were high for this one! Black Top, widely considered to be the UK’s best improv group, has an impressive series of concerts with world renowned guests behind them. Black Top is Pat Thomas, winner of the Paul Hamlyn Award and former Blue Note artist, Orphy Robinson who featured in the top 12 vibes players in a Downbeat magazine poll earlier this year. Evan Parker their guest tonight did not disappoint. He was totally at home in the midst of Thomas’s and Robinson’s tricky polyrhythmic interplay. Robinson, not usually known as a drummer, played the drum kit for half of the concert and was superb, easily projecting intricate patterns with and across Thomas’s live looping, while driving Parker to some beautiful cascading melodic phasing over Reggae, Dub, Swing, free improv. Digital, analogue and acoustic sounds collided and colluded to bring an impressive array of frequencies and soundscapes to an appreciative audience.

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